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Market research travels

Market exploration travels are particularly suitable for those European enterprises which have little or no contacts in China, but want to estimate their business chances in the Chinese market or want to find suitable cooperation partners in China.

Because of its wide cooperation network in different regions of China, excellent knowledge about different locations and their advantages and disadvantages, the
Euro-China Centre for economic and technical cooperation (ECV GmbH) can organize effective market research travels in China for single European enterprise or group of European enterprises.

Date, places, time and content of the trip may be decided according the wishes of customers.

Euro-China Centre offers the following services:

  • Intensive Analyse of market conditions, political backgrounds, economic structure, the local industry structures

  • Consulting about

local incenses and support measures for European companies
geographical location and transportation connections
the local purchasing power and market and the national market
the nearest industrial Parks and their infrastructure
settlement costs and operating costs
Approval process of establishing a new foreign enterprise
local business climate
support of the local Chinese authorities
promotion measures and services to support European enterprises
available workforce: from simple worker to highly specialized experts
living conditions for European personnel

  • Visiting

    • local infrastructure (energy supply, Telecommunication, transport, export harbours, water and power supply etc.)

    • important Chinese authorities for international cooperation and economic promoting

    • Sino-European joint ventures and European companies

    • local market

  • getting contact with

  • possible cooperation partners

  • Chinese authorities

Market research travel: contact with Chinese authorities
Market research travel

Euro-China Centre for economic and technical cooperation

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