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Accommodation and support during the Internship in China

  • Single room with air-conditioning in a shared apartment of the enterprise/institute, in which the internship is conducted.

  • Each single room has a bed, desk, chair, and storage area for clothes and personal belongings.

  • In the apartment there is a cable TV, internet access, DVD player, telephone, fridge, a living and dining room, bathroom and kitchen (with a fridge, microwave and cooking utensils).

  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner are provided for trainees everyday in the apartment or in the enterprise/institute, in which the Internship is conducted.

Support during the Internship in China

  • For each trainee there are highly qualified program advisors or instructors with years of experience during the internship.

  • Support and help for writing thesis or dissertation during the internship in China

  • Services and support for family members and friends to visit the trainees during the internship. Family members and friends are welcome to visit the trainees during the internship.

Visiting other areas during the internship

Establishing contacts with

  • the relevant Chinese authorities

  • Chinese and western enterprises and institutions in China

Free time activities

Free time activities, such as weekend travels, social evenings, on-site study trips and interaction between participants and Chinese are organized throughout the internship.

Certifications after the internship

  • The trainees receive the following certifications after internship from the Euro-China Centre and other enterprises/ institutes

  • Internship certification (Certification for management internship)

  • Work Certification

  • Certification of the intercultural management training

  • Certification of the language skills

Support and service after the internship

  • After the internship, the Euro-China Centre for Economic and Technical Cooperation gives trainees further support and assistance for job search or for China engagement.



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