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Intercultural management training

contact & application:

The intercultural management training will be conducted during the internship, companying the internship and answering the questions the trainees may have. Usually it  involves the following topics:

  • China economic system, Chinese reform and economic development

  • The Chinese market. Strategy of opening the Chinese market

  • The hierarchies, structures and the characteristics of the Chinese enterprises

  • The Chinese Business culture, Chinese mentalities and Chinese business practice

  • Chinese society and Chinese political system, social structure in China, governmental organizations and government structure

  • Chinese living and work style, habits and customs.

  • Short history and geography of China

  • Chinese language, population and ethnical groups, family

  • Industry, agriculture, transport, post office and telecommunications

  • Important cities and regions

  • Religions, traditional Chinese medicine, the traditional sports, traditional holidays

  • Foreign investment in China, advantages and disadvantages of different forms of foreign investment in China

  • Procedure of the establishment of foreign company or establishment of a joint venture in China, daily management of a foreign company in China

  • How can a foreigner live and work safer and more healthily in China?

  • How can a foreigner work successfully in China?

  • How can a foreigner work successfully with Chinese authorities and with Chinese?

Teachers of the Intercultural management training

  • Chinese politicians and officials

  • representatives of western Institutions in China

  • Managers, engineers and experienced employees of various companies

  • Professors and experts from different fields

Training methods

  • consulting and coaching

  • Seminar, Lecture 

  • Group work (discussion)

  • Role-playing 

  • Learning by doing

  • Learning by Doing: learning through project

  • Practical exercises 

Interkulturelles Managementtraining

Interkulturelles Managementtraining


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