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Professional internship

contact & application:

Professional internship is the important part of the program Internship in China. It is conducted together with the Chinese courses and intercultural management training.

  • The trainees take part in some professional international projects, which have  something to do with the field or profession of the trainee. The trainees can make their own suggestions for new project. If possible such suggestions could be supported and be realized.

  • The internship will be conducted with intensive support and coaching.

  • Place: mainly in the most dynamic economical regions in China

    • in a Chinese enterprise/institution or

    • in a Chinese-western enterprises/institutions or

    • in a western enterprises/institutions

  • Visiting other areas during the internship

  • Establishing contacts with

    • the relevant Chinese authorities

    • Chinese and western enterprises and institutions


taking part in international projects
Participating in talks responsible people

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