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Chinese courses are the important part of the program "Internship in China".  . 

Aim of the Chinese courses

through two special Chinese courses to gain the Chinese language skills for successful work and living in China

Content of the Chinese courses

Chinese Language Program with a vocabulary of 2000 words.

Special teaching methods and intensive tuition allow participants in a short period of time to acquire the language skills needed for the life and work in China. Topics studied include everyday situations and Chinese culture, history, economic and society.

Small classes with not more than 5 participants.

During the internship, the trainee will have two special intensive Chinese courses. The Euro-China Centre has developed a special efficient teaching method to help trainees to learn and master much more Chinese language skills and knowledge than normal language programs.

a) Intensive Chinese course

at first an intensive Chinese course will be conducted for one month, in a small group with less than 6 trainees (35 lessons per week, meets Monday through Friday).

b) Chinese for manager

after the one-month Intensive Chinese course, the trainees will attend a Chinese Course for Manager while they do the internship. This course will help the trainees to expand their Chinese language skills and knowledge through texts concerning Chinese economy, society and culture, international cooperation and the projects which the trainees take part in.

Achievable language ability ·

  • Work and living in China without language problem

  • recognize and understand 2000 Chinese characters

skills of Speaking, listening and expression

  • correct pronunciation and speak

  • talk about simple everyday topics with short sentences

  • understand the main points of simple everyday conversations

  • ask and answer simple questions

  • Self-presentation in simple sentences


  • understand simple sentences

  • understand main points of simple texts about the economy and everyday topics


  • know the radical system of Chinese characters

  • can write Chinese characters correctly

  • can write short sentences

  • can write self-presentation in simple sentences ·

  • can fulfil simple forms such as, hotel registers,

  • write brief notes and messages


  • understand Basic Chinese grammar

  • understand simple Chinese sentence structure


Chinesische Intensivkurse
Nach Prüfung bekommt Teilnehmer Sprachzeugnis.



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