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EU Tech-Parks

The Euro-china Centre for Economic and Technical Cooperation has established numerous EU Tech parks in different regions in China, in order to help the European companies to enter Chinese market and find suitable place to set up new subsidiaries in China.

All these parks are fully developed and have a complete infrastructure network consisting of roadways, water and power supply, cable, high-speed Internet connections and a telecommunications network. Besides, all these parks have competitive land price.

In comparison to other industrial parks in China, the EU Tech parks, which were established, by the Euro-china Centre and the Chinese authorities have the following key advantages:

  • Direct Partner & adviser in Europe (The Euro-china Centre – ECV GmbH in Aachen of Germany) and European supporter in China Onsite

  • Superior geographical location in the promising market and excellent transportation connections

  • Full support of the local Chinese authorities in accordance with the needs of American and European enterprises

  • Favourable industrial Parks with a well-established infrastructure

  • ow settlement costs and operating costs

  • Quick Approvals: Review and approval a new enterprise within 15 to 30 days

  • Friendly business climate with a high purchasing power in one of the fastest growing regions in China

  • A variety of promotion measures and services to support American and European enterprises

  • Plenty of available workforce: from simple worker to highly specialized experts

  • Good living conditions for American and European personnel 

The Euro-China Centre for Economic and technical cooperation (ECV GmbH) offers European companies following services:

  • individual high-quality, in-depth business consulting, from site location analysis to the concrete settlement in a suitable industrial park

  • help to establish business contacts with the local and regional decision makers and enterprises

  • implementation service: hep to finish paperwork for the establishment of new enterprise

  • business planning, marketing assistance, preliminary export assistance

  • intercultural, economic, organizational and financial consultation

  • support for building new factories

  • support to improve daily management of the new enterprise

  • selecting and Hiring worker forces

  • Language services


ECV gründet EU Tech-Parks in China
ECV gründet EU Tech-Parks in China

Euro-China Centre for economic and technical cooperation

China–Centre of the city Aachen (Reumontstr. 5), 52064 Aachen, Germany,Tel.: 0049-241-6052155, Fax:0049-241-6052157, E-Mail:

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