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Establishing companies in China

The Euro-China Centre for Economic and technical cooperation (ECV GmbH) helps the European companies to establish subsidiaries in China and offers European companies following services:

  • Consulting - Investment in China:

    • from site location analysis to the concrete settlement in a suitable place in China

    • Information about the general investment situation and the advantages and disadvantages of different regions in China

  • Making a strategy of entering Chinese market

  • Organizing research travel to China

  • Organizing of visits in different regions in China

  • Helping in negotiation with local Chinese authorities about the settlement terms. The experts of Euro-China Centre can support the visit and the Negotiation

  • Supporting in Deciding a site for the location of new company

  • Completing Formalities of establishing new companies

  • Obtaining approval for the new company

  • Supporting in Building of the new company

  • Searching for suitable and reliable construction companies

  • Controlling quality of construction of the new company

  • Business planning, marketing assistance, preliminary export assistance

  • Intercultural, economic, organizational and financial consultation and training

  • Supporting to improve daily management of the new enterprise

  • Selecting and Hiring worker forces

  • Language services

find a suitable place in China
establishing a new company

Euro-China Centre for economic and technical cooperation

China–Centre of the city Aachen (Reumontstr. 5), 52064 Aachen, Germany,Tel.: 0049-241-6052155, Fax:0049-241-6052157, E-Mail:

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